Introduction and background

Hurungwe District is situated in the north-western part of Zimbabwe and is one of the six districts that make up Mashonaland West, Makonde district to the South and Guruve district Mashonaland Central to the north.  It is the largest district in Mashonaland West, with a total area of 19 678.34 square km.

Hurungwe Rural District Council serves the highest population in Mashonaland West province.  Using the 2012 census report, the population of Hurungwe rural district is now estimated 324675, males 162 289, females 162386 which is roughly 22% of the total population for Mashonaland-West province.

The district is the largest in the province, with a relatively high population figures that can be attributed to inter alia, the influx of people from within the province and beyond searching for good agricultural soils which make up the district.

Hurungwe Rural District Council is administered through four departments, namely the Finance and Economic Development, Administration Human and Natural Resource, Social Services and Roads, Planning and Works department. These departments collectively work together to achieve efficient service delivery to Hurungwe District.